We operate daily within all trade disciplines. Below is a cross section of our clients.

Retail & Leisure


Amigo Retail Shops, UK Locations.
ASDA Living, UK Locations.
Burger King, UK Locations.
Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh.
House Of Fraser, UK Locations.
B&Q Cafe, UK Locations.

Lakeside village, Doncaster.
McDonalds Corporation, UK Locations.
McDonalds Franchisees, UK Locations.
Millies Cookies, UK Locations.
Spectrum Leisure Centre, Guildford.
Spur Restaurant, UK Locations.

Education & Healthcare


Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge.
Braes High School, Falkirk.
Charing Cross Hospital, London.
Colmer School and Sports College, Birmingham.
City of Westminster College, London.
Darenth Valley Hospital, Dartford.

De montford University, Leicester.
Goodenough College, London.
May Day Hospital, Croydon.
Rotherham District Hospital, Rotherham.
Southampton General Hospital, Southampton.
Warrington Hospital, Warrington.

Business & Industry


British Gas, UK Locations.
BT, UK Locations.
Cuisine Centre, St Helens.
Goldman Sachs, London.
Goodrich Engine Controls, Birmingham.
KPMG, UK Locations.

Hertfordshire County Council, Hertford.
Nationwide Property Solutions, UK Locations.
P A Consulting, London.
SunGard Availability Services, UK Locations.
Vodafone, UK Locations.
Weetabix, UK Location.