Floor, Wall and Ceiling Finishes

NME have the benefit from having a dedicated group of highly skilled technicians capable of delivering any fabric maintenance task and where necessary, completed outside of your normal operating hours to ensure minimum interruption to your daily operation.

Floor Finishes

NME install a wide range of floor finishes including non-slip and heavy duty products in the form of vinyl, polymer, epoxy, tiled and painted flooring. Vinyl is the most commonly used for our foodservice installations.


All our ceiling systems are specifically suitable for high temperature, hygiene rated, and humidity environments, providing a longer lasting product that ranges from simple push-in tiles to more complex vinyl faced plasterboard solutions.

Wall Finishes

From redecorating existing painted finishes to replacing broken ceramic tiles, installing new hygienic wall cladding or an alternative of stainless steel sheeting, solutions for a high impact strength finish or for high/low temperature environment, NME supply and install the right product to meet your budget and operational requirement.

Floor, Wall, Ceiling and Joinery Finishes